What kind of photographer are you?

I am a lifestyle, natural light photographer. I love movement, interaction and genuine emotion. My favorite images are real, romantic, artistic and full of life. I am not after the "perfect picture", but rather a series of images that tell the story of your family.

When do sessions typically take place?

Most sessions are scheduled 1-2 hours prior to sunset. Newborn home sessions typically start at 10am.

Do you have a studio?

No. All sessions take place on location or in the client’s home. Time of year and type of session are determining factors when choosing the best location for your session.

What will my session be like?

Your family’s photography experience will be fun, relaxed and stress-free! I don’t formally pose families. Instead, I will guide your family through natural interactions. We will play, be silly, goof around and do lots of laughing. I encourage you to think of your photography session as a fun family activity and time for you to be together, connect, and enjoy each other as a family.

Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes. Mini sessions generally take place in the Fall and are offered on specific dates. Dates are announced in late summer and shared with my VIP email list first and then generally shared on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to sign up here to receive the news first!

When/where will my newborn session be held?

Your newborn photography session will be held in your home. I strongly believe that newborns and their families should be captured in the natural, loving environment where they are most comfortable. Please don’t worry about your home being “photo shoot ready” - it’s perfect, trust me.

Newborn sessions are usually done within the first two weeks after birth. Newborns change and grow so quickly, that I like to capture the tiny, "new baby" details before they are gone. I typically like to schedule in-home newborn sessions around 10am, depending on the exact time of year. 

What should we wear?

Dress as you normally would, wear what you’re comfortable in, and look like yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable, and we don’t want that! Don’t worry about the family having “matching” outfits, but it is nice to coordinate to some degree. Pick 2-3 colors in the same family that are flattering to all of you, and work those in. Classic styles and combos with solid colors and simple patterns work great. Please avoid clothes that have logos, writing or characters on them. In short, go for the best version of your everyday, natural look. You will look great, I promise! (I’m always happy to share clothing suggestions.)

When should I schedule my session?

I recommend contacting me a minimum of a month in advance of when you would like to have your session.  I recommend two to three months in advance of your due date for newborn session scheduling.  However, if I have availability I'm always happy to work with you with late notice.  I always try to be as flexible as possible due to the very unpredictable schedule of your baby's arrival!  September thru November tend to book up quickly due to holiday cards, so schedule early!  If you need your images for something special (such as holiday cards), please try to schedule your session three to four weeks ahead of when you will need the edited images.

My kids are tough…how do you deal with kids?

Kids are kids!  I have found the best way to work with children is to have you engaged with them as parents.  I want you to play together, laugh together and enjoy your time. And just a note… sometimes a little bribery helps.  I’ve had many of my clients tell me when we are finished they “had fun”. That’s the goal and I want your children to see it as FUN!

What do I need to bring with me?

I suggest a small bag to put phones, sunglasses, snacks/water for the kids if needed.  If your child may need a snack to keep them going or for bribery, I’d try to find something that will not stain their face or teeth.  If there is something special you want to bring along, a blanket or something incorporate in the session, pack it and we will try to use it during our session. Consider bringing wipes for kids faces and bug repellent for your family.

What should I expect after my session?

I often post a few sneak peeks on my Instagram within two to three weeks of your session.  You will receive your edited photos via a link to a personal gallery within three to four weeks of the session. Please contact me for more information on the gallery and what is included in your session.  If posting your photos online, please credit Jenni with an Eye Photography.

How can I order prints and products from you?

You may order prints and display products directly through your online gallery. All print and product orders are delivered from a professional photography print lab, and are of a higher quality than retail print outlets. I encourage you to print your photos - they belong in your home, not on your hard drive! I am always happy to consult on print orders. The quality and color of these professional photos will be leaps and bounds beyond shutterfly, the drug store, etc.

Where is the best place to print announcements/cards with my images?

Jenni with an Eye Photography is a proud photography partner for Minted. Minted designs and prints beautiful and unique cards. Order here and receive 15% off your order with the code: PHOTOPROJENNIEYE

Are you ready to get started? Contact me today and let’s get you on my calendar!